Welcome to JSR HQ: Honest. Quality.


Our relationship with our customers is always built on a foundation of trust. Every proposal, every idea, every answer given is grounded in doing the best work for the best price we can offer. This is one of the reasons why so many of our customers have contacted us time and again for our services, advice, and expertise.


Decades of experience are brought to bear at JSR Construction, and we guarantee our craftsmanship with every project. We believe that competitive pricing shouldn’t detract from the finished product. No cutting corners, no leaving an aspect of the job undone; we hold ourselves to the highest standard.

About Us

We are a family company that has been doing construction for generations, with employees that have been with us for decades. Starting in the 80’s with a focus on large concrete projects such as cart paths on golf courses for housing developments, the company has since had opportunities to learn and perfect the many other services that we now offer. Today JSR Construction is based in Chandler, AZ, and examples of our quality construction can be found all over Arizona.